OUR 30th YEAR!  With the founder Jesse Marshall still at the helm!

We are coming out of hibernation and looking forward to yet one more year of fun shuttling in Moab, Utah.

Even though winter is always a good time to reboot we always welcome the burst of spring to launch us back into the world of Whole Enchilada shuttles and vehicle transfers for Labyrinth and Cataract Canyons.

The change of seasons is a beautiful thing and as we free ourselves from the cold, colorless grip of winter into the greening and blooming of spring a renewed vigor is felt in Moab. Time to shed the layers and crawl out of our holes! So many trails to ride, hikes to hike and rivers to float before the next season of snow halts us in our tracks.

Everything starts ramping up in March and by the time May comes we will be in full swing.  Spring is looking promising for both the river and the Whole Enchilada Mountain Bike (WE) trail system.  A milder winter than in 2023 makes for less dramatic snowmelt and more manageable river levels.  Less snow at lower elevations will allow us to access more of the WE earlier than last year.

While the river shuttles this year look that same as every year, road construction on the La Sal loop road will make for some creative shuttling.  We will do our best to navigate the ever changing construction schedule we have been given.  Please read the shuttle page for more details.

We have weathered many storms in our 30 years, from road construction/closures, to forest fires, to pandemics to alien abductions...okay, not that yet, and this year there is just another little blip to keep us on our toes.  We will do our best to get you all to your desired destinations.

See you all soon!



The Coyote Experience

At Coyote Shuttle, we believe that the fun begins the moment you step into the shuttle. Our well informed drivers will shuttle you with flair and send you home with a story to tell about your ascent and your descent.

Our vehicles are mostly classic Volkswagen vans and we promise a good vibe with every ride.

BOOK A SHUTTLE!  PLEASE CALL US AT (435) 260-2097  OR EMAIL AT info@coyoteshuttle.com


Learn what we do in 13 seconds! Watch the video clip linked to below.

The three main trail systems for mountain bike shuttles are the The Whole Enchilada(includes Porcupine Rim), The Magnificent 7 and the Moab Brands Trails.

The schedule varies due to weather and temperatures but we usually have two scheduled times before noon during high season.

We do take reservations in advance, but you are also welcome to call us at (435) 260-2097 when you arrive in town.

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So, you have answered the siren’s call to float the Green and/or the Colorado rivers. Both are snowmelt rivers that wind through the magnificent red rock canyons and azure blue skies of the Utah desert.

Coyote Shuttle specializes in facilitating your self-guided trip. We offer Vehicle Transfers for  on Cataract Canyon and Labyrinth Canyon.  You can book online or give us a call.

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Canyonlands has hundreds of miles of hiking trails which explore the park’s natural and cultural features.

Take one look at a map and you'll see that Canyonlands is truly a playground, and a large one. At 527 square miles, it's the largest of the national parks in Utah. It has rivers and deep canyons, domes, mesas, arches and petroglyphs.

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Here's what people are saying:

“Like the Scooby-Doo van, only better! Coyote Shuttle is the most unique and entertaining shuttle service I’ve ever experienced. This is the most fun shuttle in Moab.”

— Silvi

“Friendly folks, quick call backs, flexible drop off points and excellent trail intel — hard to imagine how this could be a better company!”

— K.L.

“This shuttle service is phenomenal — the true hippy lifestyle epitomized in a single shuttle ride — these guys are living the dream and I’m happy to support them. Their VW bus shuttles are clean and spacious.”

— Mike

“Coyote Shuttle provided us outstanding service for our kayak trip. They are very organized and provide and great service...”

— Dave

“Sure any of the shuttle companies in Moab will get you to where you want to be, but Coyote Shuttle does it with style. It is a memorable way to start out a very memorable ride.”

— Tyler

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