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A great day starts with a great shuttle.

Moab’s original shuttle company.


A ride you'll remember for a lifetime

The Coyote Experience

At Coyote Shuttle, we believe that the fun begins the moment you step into the shuttle. Our well informed guides will take you to adventure and send you home with a story to tell about your ascent and your decent.

Our vehicles are mostly classic Volkswagen vans with community bench seating so you’ll be face to face with new friends. We promise a good vibe with every ride.


Moab, Utah

The greatest mountain biking on the planet.


Coyote shuttle makes it more fun.

Mountain bike shuttles

The three main trail systems we shuttle are the The Whole Enchilada, The Magnificent 7 (near Gemini Bridges), and the Moab Brands Trails.

The schedule varies due to weather and temperatures but we usually have two scheduled times before noon during high season.

We do take reservations in advance, but you are also welcome to call us at (435) 260-2097 when you arrive in town.


The Whole enchilada

This 28 mile starts at 10,600 feet, tops out at 11,200 feet and ends at 3,900 feet. Talk about fun! You'll ride through at least three distinct and beautiful landscapes. Coyote Shuttle will make your ride to the top almost as fun as your epic ride down the trail. You are going to have a great day on “The Whole Enchilada.”

THe Magnificent 7

Mag 7 starts off at Highway 313 and Gemini Bridges Road and connects a series of seven trails to end with the classic Portal trail. This 18 mile-ish ride is a doozy. It requires fitness, technical ability and advanced route finding skills. Alternatively, you can exit early out the Gemini Bridges Road to Highway 191.


Moab Brands

Because of their variety, these are great trails for the riders of every level. The terrain stays interesting as it covers slickrock, double-track, and a bunch of fun single-track. This is a great shuttle for a family with different levels of riders. It's easy for some people to bail and ride the smooth downhill bike path back to town.


every day,

the sunset will blow your mind.


Getting there is half the fun.

River shuttles.

So, you have answered the siren’s call to float the Green and/or the Colorado rivers. Both are snowmelt rivers that wind through the magnificent red rock canyons and azure blue skies of the Utah desert.

Coyote Shuttle specializes in facilitating your self-guided trip. We are the schmuck with the truck and offer two options, Vehicle Transfers, and Full-Service Shuttle.


Labyrinth Canyon

This flat water stretch winds through a remote and pristine red rock canyon. Perfect for canoeists, flat water kayakers, and anyone seeking a mellow float, Labyrinth canyon is rich with desert wonders, You'll see a kalidiascope of rock colors, petrified wood, and ancient rock art. Experience incredible silence, azure skies, and my favorite, the descending call of the Canyon Wren.


Cataract Canyon

Just south of Moab, Utah where the Green and Colorado Rivers meet, Cataract Canyon begins. Bolstered by the Green River, the Colorado River doubles its force, and carves a deep 100-mile-long chasm through the heart of Canyonlands National Park. Here you'll experience the total thrill of class III-V whitewater. Discover absolute relaxation on calm stretches of river that wind through soul-stirring canyons and dazzling geologic formations.



backcountry like none other.


We'll help you get miles from anywhere.

Hiking shuttles.

Canyonlands has hundreds of miles of hiking trails which explore the park’s natural and cultural features.

Take one look at a map and you'll see that Canyonlands is truly a playground, and a large one. At 527 square miles, it's the largest of the national parks in Utah. It has rivers and deep canyons, domes, mesas, arches and petroglyphs.


Salt Creek & Needles

Salt Creek is an amazing 25-mile-ish point to point hike amongst the canyons and spires of the Needles section of Canyonlands National Park.

The area is replete with arches, Anasazi ruins and rock art, and incredible views of sandstone outcroppings, striped pinnacles and all around incredible desert landscapes.

Natural springs provide habitat and water for wildlife and beautiful waterfalls.


Custom Shuttles

We are available to transport you and your backpacks anywhere you like within a large circle around Moab. We commonly go to Canyonlands National Park, Dark Canyon, down the Mineral Bottom switchbacks, and most anywhere you want to go.

We have also provided rescues where no other vehicle would dare to travel.


Away from the smog in cities, our hearts are drawn west, where the only dust is earth, and the only barrier is the sky.

Head west for the silence that roars from a wild heart.

— Lily Moon River


Here's what people are saying:

“The Best shuttle company in Moab.”

— Eric

Like the Scooby-Doo van, only better! Coyote Shuttle is the most unique and entertaining shuttle service I’ve ever experienced. This is the most fun shuttle in Moab.
— Silvi
Friendly folks, quick call backs, flexible drop off points and excellent trail intel — hard to imagine how this could be a better company!
— K.L.
This shuttle service is phenomenal — the true hippy lifestyle epitomized in a single shuttle ride — these guys are living the dream and I’m happy to support them. Their VW bus shuttles are clean and spacious.
— Mike
Hilarious shuttle driver, good price, and an all around fun experience.
— Travis
Coyote Shuttle provided us outstanding service for our kayak trip. They are very organized and provide and great service...
— Dave
We really loved the unique way Coyote Shuttle gets around in their hippie vans. Just added a little flare to the usual shuttle ride.
— Luke
I can’t say enough great things about this company! Professional, friendly, just all around great service!
— Trisha
Sure any of the shuttle companies in Moab will get you to where you want to be, but Coyote Shuttle does it with style. It is a memorable way to start out a very memorable ride.
— Tyler

There's no place like moab.

There’s no shuttle like the Coyote.


we'd love to see you.

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For parties of six or more, we recommend making reservations at least two weeks in advance.

We always offer shuttles on a first come, first served basis.

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