Crickets is most likely what you hear from me on this page as we are usually too busy driving around the desert running shuttles to write but now it is crickets because, well, it’s crickets here in Moab.  This is definitely an unforgettable time in our lives and we hope that you all are able to stay healthy and find some slivers of light and little bits of joy in these tenuous days.  Even though these are economically tough days for us we are grateful for many things. There are always people who will have more and always people who will have less and sometimes it is difficult to be happy where you stand.  Right now, Coyote Shuttle, because of you, our trusty guests who have continued to support us for 26 years, have left us in a place where we are optimistic about weathering this storm. At times I have doubted the use of the VW’s when it seems that most people care only about new and shiny things.  But now, I am thankful we have remained true to our core.  Thanks to all of you for believing in our passion for our colorful and eclectic fleet of Volkswagens and our adherence to an older way of doing things. We still believe in Rebuilding, Recycling, Redoing, Resuscitating, Re-energizing…are there any more R words?  Oh yeah, being Resourceful.

As long as Jesse can pick up a wrench we will continue to use the VW’s and serve those of you who appreciate double clutching, peak torqueing, gear jamming, fuel making, the “oh no, a french fry must of gotten stuck!”statements, the “yes, seriously get out and push” times, storytelling and friendships formed and gained while riding in our vans.  We owe it all to those of you who deviate from the paved superhighways and follow the lesser known but curious ambages into the enticing canyons and towering mountains of our little place in the middle of nowhere, Moab, Utah.