Cataract Canyon

To reach the rapids in Cataract Canyon you must first float the lazy waters of either Meander Canyon on the Colorado or Stillwater on the Green. Neither are scary sounding but don’t get too complacent. After the confluence of the two rivers, everything changes and depending on levels, the river can surprise you with up to Class V rapids.

Water level fluctuations are extreme and the river wears many faces so do your research. Depending on where you put in you will float about 95 river miles. In just 14 miles of those miles, you'll find 29 rapids.

The most common launch is from Potash on the Colorado. You can also launch from Mineral Bottom on the Green River or at Green River State Park. Please note, Hite Marina is defunct due to low lake levels and we will shuttle all cars to the North Wash/Dirty Devil take out on river right just upstream from Hite Marina. At present, the NPS website still states that Hite Marina is still the takeout.

Colorado River Bend, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

You need a permit for the stretch in Canyonlands National Park and all boaters on Lake Powell must comply with Glen Canyon's mussel regulations. Please read your permit carefully as there are too many specification for me to rewrite here. Permit details
There are no designated campsites along the rivers in Canyonlands. During periods of high water, camps can be difficult to find, especially for large groups. During late summer and fall, sandbars are usually plentiful and make ideal camps. Please make sure you are aware of upstream controlled water releases before your trip as they can affect river levels suddenly and wipe out sandbars.
All overnight trips require you to bring either a washable, reusable toilet or approved system that uses enzymes to break down waste suitable for the landfill. Firepans are required as well. This is not an exhaustive list, please refer to your permit for full requirements and restrictions
From Moab, Potash or Green River State Park to Dirty Devil/North Wash: $450 for one vehicle, $400 each for two vehicles, $350 for 3 or more. Really early or really late season: $450 for all vehicles. From Mineral Bottom to Dirty Devil/North Wash: $500 for one vehicle and $400 each for two or more vehicles. Really early or really late season: $550 for one vehicle and $450 for two or more.
Cancellations made 10 days prior to your trip (launch) date will be refunded less the $50 non-refundable deposit. Cancellations less than ten days and up to 6 days before, will be refunded 50% of total cost of trip. The total trip cost will be forfeited for any cancellations less than 6 days before the trip. The policy applies to the entire reservation and to each vehicle. We must adhere to our cancellation policy as we will still need to compensate our drivers to maintain a staff and to continue to offer this service. 'Stuff Happens' so we highly recommend travel insurance.

River level details

More river level details.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is best to give us at least four weeks notice (more for holiday weekends) if you would like to book this shuttle.  It is a 7-9 hour shuttle and we can't always run this at the drop of a hat. But don't let this deter you from calling if you are within this time frame, I may be able to squeeze you in.

Note: There is an additional charge for oversized vehicles and trailers with vehicles on them.  There is no charge for empty trailers.

Another Note: All changes must be made prior to launch. You cannot just leave a note or a message about a new key hiding place, takeout date or cancellation. You must receive confirmation that the information was received from the office before you launch. There is no cell service at many of the launches, including Ruby Ranch, Potash and Mineral Bottom.