We will make your river trip more fun.



Leave the driving to Coyote.

So, you have answered the siren’s call to float the Green and/or the Colorado rivers. Both are snow melt rivers that wind through the magnificent red rock canyons and azure blue skies of the Utah desert.

Coyote Shuttle specializes in facilitating your self-guided trip. We are the schmuck with the truck and offer two options, Vehicle Transfers and Full Service Shuttle, both described in more detail below. We do not rent any equipment but there are plenty of places in town who have gear for your trip. We can pick you up anywhere you have rented your equipment if they are unable to provide the shuttle service.


Safe & Careful Vehicle transfers.

This is the best and easiest way to shuttle for Cataract Canyon. This service is also available for Labyrinth. We know that organizing a river trip can be a logistical nightmare and we are hoping to alleviate some of the pain by making your shuttle arrangements a breeze. You have three options listed below to arrange for a vehicle transfer, the first being the most convenient;

  1. Hide a key, arrange payment, and print the vehicle transfer waiver; sign it and leave the waiver in “lead” vehicle.
  2. Mail spare key and payment in advance, print the vehicle transfer waiver; sign it and leave the waiver in “lead” vehicle.
  3. Stop by our office with keys and payment, print the vehicle transfer waiver; sign it and leave the waiver in “lead” vehicle.


Correspondence can be made by phone or email. We drive your vehicles in a caravan and at least one Coyote Shuttle owner (either Jesse or Kris) will be in the lead. We move your cars in the daylight, all drivers are responsible adults over the age of 25, and we never exceed 70 mph on the Interstate. We are pretty handy but we do ask that your vehicles be in adequate running condition (please, no floor boards or cylinders missing).

Please follow the instructions on the Vehicle Transfer Waiver carefully. If you don’t follow the instructions, and for some reason we can’t move your car, you will be very, very sad! We’d rather you were very, very happy.



Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service for Fall 2021.  Please consider a vehicle transfer.

Full Service Transfers.

For the full service shuttles we move you and your gear, whether your own or rental equipment.

We can move canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and rafts. This can be a two part process where we pick you up in town and then at the takeout at the end of your trip or we can pick you up at the takeout at the beginning of the trip and take you to the put in.

The later method works well for folks who have their own gear and want flexibility with their takeout date.

We are happy to shuttle well-behaved dogs with well-trained owners.

Please call for prices as each trip is custom.