Well, there is always something. And there doesn’t seem to be a lull lately. We are all still dealing with symptoms of “long term Covid”, whether it be a health issue from contracting Covid or side affects from all it’s devastating impacts on businesses and lives in general. On top of this, we had a forest fire last year which limited our access to certain trails. The Pack Creek Fire left a mosaic of burned sections surrounded by green islands up in the La Sal Mountains. We pay our respects to all who were impacted by this fire including homeowners, businesses and of course, the forest and all its’ inhabitants. We are thankful that many of the trails were spared, including the Whole Enchilada.

And now this year, it is road construction. And once again, we’ll keep plugging along and hope to weather this storm.

The Geyser Pass Road will be closed again to finish what was started last year. Tentative closure date is August 8, 2022 through the end of August. Unfortunately, the access to the top of the Whole Enchilada is via the Geyser Pass road and will be inaccessible to all users until the project is completed, which is staled to be at the end of the summer. We will be closed from August 1-August 27 but anticipate a nice smooth drive up to the trailhead this fall!