April Fools!  So, we did get a lot of snow and precipitation this year which will make for a beautiful flower studded spring.  The Whole Enchilada may take awhile to melt off its blanket of snow but there are plenty of other trails to enjoy in the desert. Some favorites would be Capt. Ahab, Navajo Rocks and Klondike North.  You can also be creative and link a couple different trail systems together.  You could take a shuttle and start at the Mag 7 and ride the Horsethief Trails to Chisolm to Big Lonely, to Big Mesa to Rambling and leave your car at the eastern Navajo Rocks TH.  This is a fun 18 mile-ish cross country ride.

We will continue to shuttle as high as we can go on the Whole Enchilada which is presently the Porcupine Rim Trail.  The sun is shining, however, so LPS and UPS will open soon enough.

Happy Trails!!