HOW THE SHUTTLE WORKS: In the spring time this shuttle shares the same van as the Whole Enchilada as they share the same access points.  Snow in the upper levels keeps us from going higher. Early spring we will access the RR trailheads off Sand Flats Road.  As the snow melts, and the Kokopelli Trailhead opens we will drive up the Loop Road.  When we drop here, those riding the Raptor Route can add the UPS singletrack for a little bit harder ride or just ride down the Kokopelli Trail to Sand Flats to the  Eagle Eye trailhead which is also the LPS trailhead. Eagle Eye trailhead is the highest trail in the  Raptor Route System.


The Raptor Route is a newer downhill-ish point to point trail that parallels Sand Flats Road. It links three trails together, Eagle Eye, Hawk's Glide and Falcon Flow.  This is an intermediate ride and depending on the season can range from 8-30 miles. While there is a lot of flow, there is a lot of pedal too.

This ride is a great stand alone ride or it serves as an alternate exit route for the Whole Enchilada. If you bail on Ole Enchie you would skip LPS and Porcupine, joining Falcon Flow right before LPS starts.  Falcon Flow ends on lower Sand Flats Road which leads right into town. This is a great option in the heat of the summer or if you have found the WE to be a little more trail than you bargained for.  Or, just a new trail for you to try if you have ridden Porcupine Rim a bunch.

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