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Welcome to Coyote Shuttle!

Coyote Shuttlin'

WE ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR THE WINTER.  WE WILL REOPEN FOR SHUTTLES IN MARCH.  Communication during this period will be by email only and I will resume phone contact mid February.  See you soon! 

We are Moab, Utah’s original bike shuttle and river shuttle.  In 2015 we celebrated our 2oth year and are still going strong.  We are here to provide fun and reliable transportation for you, your bike or your boat in this wonderful and crazy place we call home. Coyote Bike Shuttle strives to provide a unique experience for you while you are on vacation. We are constantly experimenting with really fun vehicles to add to our fleet.  To date, we have used Volkswagen buses and Vanagons, stretch Vanagons, Unimogs and a 10 wheel drive army truck.  We have retired the Unimog and Deuce but are now using diesel Vanagons that are powered by French fry grease from our favorite burger joint, Milt’s.  Our goal is to make your ride in the shuttle something to talk about when you get home.  In our vans you’ll see the scenery on the way up, because you’ll be going too fast to see it on the way down!


Jesse Marshall and his babies:

Jesse Marshall of Coyote Shuttle

Owner/Operator/VW keeper

When asked what Jesse would like to have if stranded on a deserted island he responded, “Broken things”.  Jesse can fix anything and that is why Volkswagens are the perfect vehicles of choice for our Moab bike shuttle.  They are intelligently engineered, full of character, immune to the harshness of the desert and everything on them can be rebuilt.  And Jesse can make them go forever!   With Jesse’s loving hand, we are keeping these wonderful beasts from extinction.  Several have even reproduced under his watchful eye and grew into stretch Vanagons.  When you ride in a Coyote Shuttle rig, not only are you riding in style but you’ll have plenty of fun stories to take home.

Kristi Jensen

Coyote Shuttler Kristi Jensen on the way to another shuttleOwner/Operator

Kristi hails from up north and has a degree in French Literature which is essential in a Moab bike shuttle business.  You never know when you might need to translate the back of a shampoo bottle or an Ikea instruction sheet (that is the only practice I seem to get). On a more serious note, Kristi takes shuttling seriously and will make sure that from your first interaction with us to your last will be fun, informative and professional.

Meet the players:



Coyote Shuttle will get you on the river or on the trail, pronto!

We loved the stretch yellow van so much we had to make another one!  She is named after the color of her paint and is also a reincarnation of our former white van “Old faithful”

Ole Yeller

Yes folks, this is two Volkswagens welded together!Our first stretch Volkswagen and still the toughest!


Yo! I Love The Pink Van!

She’s sooo cute!  Even big tough dudes can’t resist her charm! Perfect shuttle for the Whole Enchilada?



Ma Deuce (’68 Kaiser Deuce and a half)

The Deuce

Gangrene (’68 Mercedes Unimog)