Well, I can’t believe it is time to put away the skis, boots, poles and grab the helmet, shoes and bikes.  Or paddle gear and boat.  We had a very snowy winter but the sun is gaining strength and melting off the last of the white stuff.  All the desert trails are shaping up nicely and Porcupine Rim should be soon to follow.  I reckon it will be a big water year.

It’s business as usual around here.  Our Volkswagens are running strong, with two of them running on veggie oil that Jesse collects, filters and cleans.  Everyone on the crew had a great winter either biking or skiing but are now all geared up for shuttle season.

We are still shuttling to Mag 7 and to the various trailheads for The Whole Enchilada.  While these trails are for mountain biking  we can also drop road bikers off at these trailsheads and enjoy an amazing road ride back to town.  Or heck, maybe you all are up for a new cross-country shuttle?  What about from Klondike to town, connecting Klondike North to Sovereign to the Brand Trails?  Just a thought!

The rivers should be a hoot this year and we offer vehicle transfers for Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River and vehicle and people shuttles for Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River.

Whether it is your first time to Moab or your millionth, we are sure you’ll be awestruck by it’s unique beauty and plentitude of outdoor activities.  And we are here to help you to access some of the best mountain bike trails in the world and some of the most scenic and exciting rivers!

We look forward to seeing you!